Frequently Asked Questions

No, a simple one-page credit application is taken and we will generally have an answer for you within an hour. From there all documentation is completed by us and signed when you take delivery of your new vehicle.

No they aren’t. Remember, the vehicle is the only security taken for the loan. If you compare this type of borrowing via banks and other credit organisations – you will find that we are very competitive.

Whether we like it or not – vehicles depreciate. Why would you invest your hard earned capital into an item that loses money over time? Retain your capital or invest it in something that will generate future wealth and pay for your vehicle out of cash flow, on a monthly basis.

Finance Annual Interest Rate:
Ranges from 0% per Annum to 10.95% per Annum fixed for the term of the contract.

The Actual Annual Interest Rate you receive will be influenced by:

– Current Promotions
– Size of the Loan
– Size of the Deposit
– Term of the Loan
– The Borrowers Financial Situation, Credit Rating, Income, – Ability to repay the loan, and other Financial Commitments
Whether the loan is a first or subsequent loan.

Finance Fee Schedules:

Schedule of Standard Fees & Charges Applied to Consumer Contracts

Finance Terms and Conditions:

Consumer Loan and Security General Terms

Finance Sample and Standard Contract:

Consumer Loan & Security Agreement Commercial Terms